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eat and live like a centenarian

The BiOage Diet draws inspiration from the timeless wisdom of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers in the Mediterranean, embodying their approach of moderation, variety, and reliance on minimally processed foods. This dietary philosophy, deeply rooted in the rich culinary traditions of the Mediterranean region, aligns seamlessly with the principles of minimal food packaging, recognising the changes in the contemporary environment. Prioritising clean, organic, fresh, and seasonal foods, the dietary formulation emphasises eco-friendly practices and healthy cooking methods in the kitchen. This holistic approach is designed to minimise exposure to toxins introduced with the Industrial Revolution in the late 50s and simulate the environment in which our great grandmothers grew up and lived to enhance homeostasis balance and overall metabolic health.

The BiOage Diet is not just a dietary approach; it’s a homage to the founder’s two great-grandmothers, who both lived past 100 years. Their enduring health and vitality inspired the creation of this diet, emphasising a simple yet profound truth: true well-being doesn’t necessitate adhering to strict diet dogmas such as low carb, high fat, or meat-centric approaches. Instead, the BiOage Diet encourages a return to the basics, drawing on the balanced and diverse eating patterns of generations past, while adapting to the unique nutritional challenges of the present day such as nutrient depleted soils, microplastics and environmental pollutants.

Furthermore, the BiOage Diet incorporates the tenets of functional medicine, allowing for personalised adjustments tailored to address the specific root causes of nutritional and chemical imbalances, fostering a holistic and individualised path to health and well-being.


The BiOage Diet

the new Mediterranean lifestyle

With a focus on balanced eating, the diet encourages three meals a day for five days a week, with two meals a day for the remaining two days. The inclusion of intermittent fasting on two days enhances metabolic flexibility. The diet advocates for regular meal timings, fostering the habit of eating at the same time each day. Meals are designed to be colourful, with a minimum of five different colours on each plate achieved by incorporating various ingredients. It discourages excessive consumption of grains, suggesting a limited quantity per plate to promote a diverse and balanced diet.

Additionally, the BiOage Diet encourages the consumption of filtered water, and introduces a variety of foods, including one vegan meal, one vegetarian meal, and one flexitarian meal per day and a rest or light walk after lunch for a Mediterranean approach to well-being. The diet also incorporates the principles of functional medicine, allowing for personalisation based on individual needs and nutritional imbalances.

Signature Programs

nutrition wellness themes

BiOage Detox

The programme combines HIIT sessions, supplements and sauna spa therapy.

Retreats: Spain, Greece, Portugal and Morocco

BiOage Longevity

The programme combines yoga, fitness or Pilates sessions with intermittent fasting.

Retreats: Portugal, Greece. Spain and Morocco

BiOage Slim

The programme combines yoga and PT sessions with fasting and detox therapy.

Retreats: Portugal, Greece, Spain and Morocco

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