Sandra Diegues

Nutritional Therapist

Sandra has always been a strong food advocate who understands the importance of a well-balanced diet to support healthy ageing. This is no doubt thanks to having seen her two great grandmothers living past 100 years old, and growing up in a small village where most families still run free-range farms, cultivating nearly all vegetables needed organically and seasonally.

Before becoming a Nutritional Therapist, Sandra put her mind and heart into the Education sector. Having worked for many years with children and families, it was only when she became a teacher that she noted learning disabilities were on the rise and that improved diets not only had a positive impact on classroom performance but on the student’s overall wellbeing. From that moment onwards, she decided to fulfil her growing passion for improving general health and that of our future generation through a Functional Medicine approach.

After completing her three-year Diploma in Nutritional Therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, she developed in 2014 a particular interest in the impact of micro-plastics and endocrine disruptors since a prevalence of chemical-related diseases continues to increase worldwide. Endocrine disruptors are chemicals commonly found in plastics and industrial components that can contribute to the development of serious health conditions such as infertility, obesity, cancer and more. They generally go unnoticed by many of the population and are typically found in tap water, cosmetics, household dust, cleaning products, stored plastic packaging, etc.

With these risk factors in mind and by examining the influence of these interconnections in our complex body system, she works with clients to formulate personal nutrition programmes, tailored to the individual needs from her online nutritional practice. Clients can expect to balance hormones, increase energy, lose weight with long term success, and detox through safe binding agent protocols and personalised clean eating programmes.

Based on the latest advances in science, Sandra developed BiOage Nutrition™: A range of nutritional solutions that specialises in integrating personalised nutrition into wellness concepts that work towards protecting the environment. Sandra also works with wellness retreat leaders and hotel owners in Europe to support, create, design and upgrade their wellness journeys and offerings. Since then, her drive and life’s passion is to share with the world the many health benefits that her signature therapies have to offer both from the comfort of ones home or at a BiOage Nutrition™ destination.


Why Functional Medicine?

addressing the root cause

Functional Medicine has become a unique and exciting innovation for empowering health and well-being. While many dietitians often adopt approaches rooted in major dietary theories like the Atkins diet, the Dukan diet, or the Paleo diet—each emphasising high protein, fat, or carbohydrate restrictions—Sandra takes a different path. Instead of focusing on generic restrictions or relying on popular lists of good and bad foods, she collaborates with clients to create personalised nourishment plans. Sandra’s approach is rooted in individual needs and embraces a clean eating lifestyle, aiming to minimise exposure to toxins and prioritise overall well-being.

BiOage Nutrition’s functional approach is founded on the fundamental belief that every symptom and condition has an underlying cause. This approach recognises that all aspects of life—body, mind, and spirit—are interconnected, and when these elements fall out of harmony, they can contribute to physiological imbalances. The initial consultation serves as a comprehensive assessment to identify and address these imbalances, allowing for a holistic understanding and personalised intervention to promote overall well-being.



Initial Consultation

therapeutic approach

When it comes to determining one’s health status, the following therapeutic premises will be taken into account during the initial consultation:

  • Biochemical individuality (Antecedents, triggers and mediators).
  • Promotion of the body’s natural self-repair mechanisms.
  • Examination of core clinical imbalances that may underlie a symptom or a condition.
  • Promotion of organ reserve and essential nutrients.
  • ‘No one diet works for everyone’ – since genetic and environmental variations require a unique nutrition plan.
  • Promotion of detoxification pathways.
  • Stimulation of the body’s natural immune fighting capabilities.


BiOage Nutrition™ is designed to help you achieve overall health and wellbeing so you can regain youth and natural vitality. By Focusing on your immediate and future goals gradually, you can look forward to healthy changes that give you lifelong results.

Signature Programs

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BiOage Detox

The programme combines HIIT sessions, supplements and sauna spa therapy.

Retreats: Spain, Greece, Portugal and Morocco

BiOage Longevity

The programme combines yoga, fitness or Pilates sessions with intermittent fasting.

Retreats: Portugal, Greece. Spain and Morocco

BiOage Slim

The programme combines yoga and PT sessions with fasting and detox therapy.

Retreats: Portugal, Greece, Spain and Morocco

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