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BiOage Slim defies the signs of ageing thanks to the combination of both BiOage Detox and BiOage Longevity. This supervised anti-ageing programme is the ultimate trend. You will pamper with a youth elixir treat and experience mitochondrial biogenesis and rejuvenation of the body’s cells while practicing intermittent fasting.

With a personal supplemental regime and exercise, guests become lighter and seemingly younger without much effort.


Recommended for

  • Individuals who would like to slow premature ageing and improve skin quality
  • Individuals who would like to detox at a cellular level (Autophagy) or who would like to lose weight in a safe manner
  • Individuals with chronic body inflammation
  • Individuals who as a result of stress, feel overwhelmed, fatigued and lack of energy.
  • Individuals over-exposed to environmental synthetic oestrogen

Wellness Retreats

with bioage slim

The personal customer service helped me maximise my experience and achieve my personal goals for my holiday. Every aspect of the stay had been considered and thought through carefully. The menu, the exercise, the accommodation and facilities suited my needs in so many different ways. I went away bloated, fatigued and unmotivated. I came back energised, detoxed and feeling myself again, a great experience, supported by great advice and lovely customer service. Would I do it again, yes in a heartbeat, would I recommend it, absolutely.

From Catrin, Denmark


All destinations

bioage slim retreats

Morocco Retreats

Anti-stress and energy booster retreats by the beach with yoga, HIIT and surf.

Availability: All year round

Greece Retreats

Retreats by the beach with Pilates, yoga, meditation and HIIT for overall health.

Availability: 28 April to 30 October

Spain Retreats

Retreats in the Canary islands, Mallorca, Valencia, Málaga, Galicia and Asturias.

Availability: All year round

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