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Many studies have shown that we can slow dow the biological clock and extend the life span of our cells merely by limiting our personal window eating or by cutting down on the amount of proteins we consume on alternate days.

BiOage Longevity defies the signs of ageing with a tailor-made combination of a nutritional therapy, a personal supplemental regime and a personal eating schedule. The therapy plays a vital role in activating Autophagy: a natural-selective intracellular degradation system capable of rebooting cellular energy and cellular renewal by delivering damaged cellular components for recycling to the lysosome.

Formulated and supervised by our Nutritional Therapists, you can now pamper yourself with a youth elixir treat either from the comfort of your home or at one of our BiOage Longevity Retreats where you will benefit from a healthy natural rejuvenating glow alongside your spa treatments.


Recommended for

  • Women and men whose biological age is older than their chronological age (due to genetic inheritance, poor lifestyle habits or health conditions such as obesity). The therapy is designed to slow premature ageing, improve skin quality and lose weight.

Wellness Retreats

with bioage longevity

I’d been in a very intense period of work for the last 8-months, so hadn’t looked after myself. Sandra was brilliant at working with me to work out a meal plan, the food was delicious especially the fish, and the personal training sessions fantastic. I lost 2.3 kg and it was enjoyable. I also did yoga and surf lessons plus the spa was amazing. Can’t recommend enough. A really special getaway.

From Joshua Baker, UK

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bioage longevity retreats

Morocco Retreats

Anti-stress and energy booster retreats by the beach with yoga, HIIT and surf.

Availability: All year round

Greece Retreats

Retreats by the beach with Pilates, yoga, meditation and HIIT for overall health.

Availability: 28 April to 30 October

Spain Retreats

Retreats in the Canary islands, Mallorca, Valencia, Málaga, Galicia and Asturias.

Availability: All year round

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