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Understanding what happens at each stage of your very complex biochemical system allows our nutritional therapists to structure and personalise your detox programme within a safe protocol. Taking into account that the liver, bowels, kidney and skin are the body’s most effective detoxification organs, the programme will focus on keeping these organs working at their best condition prior to detox. We achieve this at a nutritional level with a pre-detox preparation guide and a personal supplemental prescription. The programme also includes a personalised meal plan during your stay and post-cleanse lifestyle recommendations to conclude your detox in the most beneficial an effective manner. Since the liver detoxification is heavily nutrient dependent, we will ensure your diet is not only based on fruits and vegetables, but also based on protein rich nutrients such as amino acids needed to provide key ingredients that support the detoxification system at a biochemical level.

The detox therapy not only supports a healthy weight loss but also ensures you achieve it without subjecting yourself to potential health risks associated with strict conventional fasting detoxes. You’ll become healthier, lighter and seemingly younger while allowing you to feel pampered with a pleasant and pampering detox experience.



The retreat programme duration is 5 days. However, we recommend to book a 7 -night stay as no treatments are offered on arrival and departure days.

Recommended for

  • Individuals staying long periods indoor, feeling fatigue, stressed and lack of energy
  • Individuals with poor healthy habits and exposure to environmental toxins, heavy metals, mercury amalgam fillings, micro-plastics, microbial toxins and mycotoxins.
  • Individuals consuming daily high amounts of coffee, alcohol, painkillers, medicines or food in plastic containers
  • Individuals using daily cleaners, cosmetics, nail polish, hair dies or non-organic natural body products and soaps
  • Individuals exposed to PTFE, PFOA, BPA, aluminium, cadmium, lead or using copper and Tefal cookware
  • Individuals warming food in plastic containers or drinking water from plastic bottles
  • Individuals with high sensitivity sense of smell towards paint fumes, tobacco smoke, auto exhaust, perfumes, insecticides, new carpets, chlorine, and more.
  • Individuals under 55 kilos weight

Wellness Retreats

with bioage detox

“I no longer have a bloated feeling after eating, which is one of the immediate benefits I have felt as a result of this week. You don’t even realise that you are trying to keep to a regime. Coupled with HIIT, ice showers and saunas, as well as pilates, we both felt utterly refreshed, relaxed and energised. And, most importantly, we both are continuing to use the nutritionist’s advice as a basis for our food and exercise choices now that we are back home.”

From Mark, UK

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Morocco Retreats

Anti-stress and energy booster retreats by the beach with yoga, HIIT and surf.

Availability: All year round

Greece Retreats

Retreats by the beach with Pilates, yoga, meditation and HIIT for overall health.

Availability: 28 April to 30 October

Spain Retreats

Retreats in the Canary islands, Mallorca, Valencia, Málaga, Galicia and Asturias.

Availability: All year round

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