Anti-aging care

from the inside out

We offer a fantastic range of wellness retreats based on nutritional preventive medicine, ideal for those looking for an energy boost or rejuvenation treat with exercise. All retreats provide personalised meal board plans for general health improvement. We organise nutrition retreats for all needs, such as detoxes and slimming programs using a variety of different scientific approaches. Being the most popular among them our Niacin Binding Agent Protocol and our 3- Phase Fasting Approach using the activation of autophagy with intermittent fasting, caloric restriction and or a low carb Mediterranean diet.

With dedication and care, we provide our clients with a unique bespoke journey and combine personalised nutrition with your favourite activities. Whether you like hiking, yoga, meditation, pranayama, breath work, Pilates, HIIT or fitness, there is a retreat for everyone with glorious spa treatments at our exclusive destinations where you will be given the opportunity to nourish your body from the inside out.

Join me along with a welcoming team of specially trained staff, for a retreat of rejuvenation. We are confident that at the end of your journey you will be planning to continue to work towards the life you always wanted and that best supports the quality of your health and well-being.


Sandra Diegues

Retreat Leader and Wellness Consulting Director

BA (Hons) | PGCE | Nutritionist NT DIP (CNM)

Retreat types

wellness holidays for all needs

Wellness activities

for overall physical health

Activities for all ages and levels

Our wellness retreats are suitable for exercisers of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels, as well as beginners and advanced yogis alike.

Activity types:

  • Hatha yoga
  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Meditation and pranayama
  • Mat Pilates
  • HIIT and fitness
  • Aquagym
  • Hiking
  • PT sessions
  • Weight training

Dining experience

delicious meals for all needs

Mediterranean Low Carb

The biOage diet™ limits the amount of grains, legumes, fruits, breads and starchy vegetables, and is anti-inflammatory, gluten free, low in chemicals, low in glycemic index and personalised to the client’s health needs.

Retreats: Spain, Greece and Morocco

Vegan or vegetarian

The biOage diet™ can be adapted for vegans and vegetarians by limiting the amount of grains, legumes, fruits, breads and starchy vegetables and by including more healthy fats and vegetable proteins. Note: Pasta or risottos are not served.

Retreats: Spain, Greece and Portugal


The biOage diet™ is ideal for flexitarian lovers who eat the right amount of all food groups in a day. The flexitarian approach offers 1 vegan dish, 1 vegetarian dish and 1 keto dish a day and is personalised to the client’s health needs.

Retreats: Spain, Greece and Morocco

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